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A Riding Community in Central Bristol

Clifton Cycling Club (CCC) is a part of 'Social Fitness Bristol', an uber-social, friendly & welcoming fitness, sports and outdoors community in Bristol. CCC is the cycling arm of the community & caters to all ages & abilities, from absolute beginner to intermediate & advanced hero. Our rides are social & cater for alll abilities, we never leave a friend behind & love to stop for coffee & cake when out on rides. Each year we're enjoying plenty of riding & social fun including pub quizzes, UK & international riding holidays, surfing, camping trips, climbing, a weeks ski trip, canoeing, nights out, a Surf Yoga holiday, hikes, netball, badminton, tennis & more each week!

About CCC


Clifton Cycling Club has been rolling (pun intended) since 2019. It is a part of the 'Social Fitness Bristol' family, which consist of sister clubs Clifton Running Club, Clifton Yoga Club, Bristol HIIT Fitness & Social Heroes Adventure Club, all of which make up the 'Social Fitness Bristol' community. CCC membership comes with Social Heroes Adventure Club membership.


We've built a community designed to develop your fitness, ignite your social life, support you towards your goals & upgrade your overall wellbeing & lifestyle here in sunny Bristol. The Social Fitness Bristol community is built on a passion for sociable and enjoyable fitness for all levels, from beginner to advanced, bringing like-minded people together & improving our social connections in this time of online everything. Getting outdoors & connecting with your community in our beautiful home city of Bristol is what it's all about.


We are more than just a cycling, running, yoga & social club. We believe fitness & health should start with FUN, to enable long term maintenance of a healthy balanced lifestyle, based on progress & not perfection!


We offer a broad range of cycling, running, yoga & general fitness classes every week for you to jump around between & enjoy all under one membership if you wish, plus an awesome and busy social calendar each month, including organised trips, events and nights out. Members are also in touch every day organising things to do, from cinema visits, live gigs or a few drinks to weekend activities, climbing sessions or a simple run together on free days. If you're new to Bristol or just looking for a more social lifestyle, to meet like-minded people & live a healthy life, like so many of our members were, you'll find new friends here waiting for you too. We have members from all over Bristol - Henleaze, Redland, Stoke Bishop, Bedminster, Southmead, Montpelier, Cotham, Filton, Clifton, you name it - and we have a regular flow of new members joining, so you'll be an old-timer within a week or two!


Club Rides


CCC enjoys regular rides, especially throughout the summer months. Things are naturally weather dependant for the health & safety of riders. Throughout the summer months, when we have the light evenings, we're out on Tuesday school night rides. Throughout the year, we have Sunday rides whenever the weather suitable & people are keen. Rides generally get broken down into three categories:


  • Social Any Bike Rides - For those with hybrid or mountain bikes that wish to simply head out for a gentle & social ride, chat and spin those wheels, feel good and burn some calories along the way.

  • Intermediate Road Bike Rides: These are for those with road bikes who like to get a bit of a workout on, but not at crazy fast speeds. Expect rides from 35-80K in length depending on the day, and ranging from 12-15mph average speed.

  • Advanced Road Bike Rides: For the more serious riders, who like to travel far & maintain a good tempo on their rides. Expect rides from 35-120K depending on the day, and average speeds ranging from 15 to 19mph.

We're about having fun, keeping it varied, progressing with each other, enjoying life & winning together. Expect coffee & cake stops (because that's why we do it right?) on most CCC weekend rides.


There is absolutely no need to be worried about your current fitness level or ability. Club rides can offer something for everyone. If you can pedal, you should be fine!


At CCC, we motivate and encourage each other to do all the things we might not be able to do alone. A team around you makes improving so much easier, a lot safer and way more fun!!


Social Fun


Social Heroes Adventure Club is the social arm to the Social Fitness Bristol family, continually making an effort to provide a way for new joiners & seasoned members alike to make new friends & connections. Lots of people have joined for this very reason! We're really proud to have such an awesome bunch of genuine, fun, likeable and super-friendly members who are equally keen to meet new people and make new friends. CCC is a social club that enjoys all sorts of social activities including everything from pub quizzes, meals out and bowling to camping, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, hiking, ski holidays, riding holidays and more. As often as we can, we organise club trips and social activities. Everyone available and wanting to join in is always welcome and they're always such a good laugh. You can find out everything about our social ongoings on instagram here: Social Heroes Instagram


Yoga is available to all CCC members via Clifton Yoga Club, a fun, community centred Yoga club that focuses on inclusivity & social engagement. CYC uses an inclusive, all-abilities style of Vinyasa yoga to help individuals regain the flexibility, mobility, strength & balance that we were born with. CYC offers a platform to meet new people, make friends, have fun & enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. We have put social togetherness & individual development at the heart of the club!




At CCC you'll have access to nutritional guidance & advice to help answer any questions with useful nutritional guidance. Having said this, we are all cake lovers too! A bit of what you love keeps the soul smiling we say. So there are plenty of our favourite guilty pleasures to share together too.


Cycling & Fitness Events


Some people join the community for general fitness, cycling & running improvements and/or weight loss. Others like to cycle or run at local events and try to improve upon Personal Best times. We're looking to add more events to the calendar & welcome members of the community to organise and lead event attendance with the club. We also have a number of selected team events throughout each year that we'll hope to enter en mass, together, as a club. #WinningTogether


Personal Training & Massage Therapy


Social Fitness Bristol has both a network of talented Personal Trainers and an in-house Massage Therapist that are professional, knowledgeable, committed and focused on helping individuals to achieve their aims and goals. Should you require any home based, studio based or outdoor based personal training, relaxation/sports massage therapy or 1 to 1 nutritional consultations, we're here to help. Simply contact us and we'll arrange your first free session to fit around your schedule. Good news too, community members receive discounts on Personal Training, Massage Therapy & Nutritional Consultations.

Join Clifton Cycling Club and let's make life better together!!

Clifton Cycling Club Bristol
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Clifton Cycling Club Bristol
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