Clifton Originals Running Club

CRC Originals is how the club began, we just had to name it 'Originals' to distinguish it from the other sessions. Originals is for everyone who doesn't see them self as a beginner. As a rough guide, if you can run 5K or more without walking, whatever the pace, then you'll be fine. If you feel less confident, then you can begin with the Couch To 5K sessions, then just hop up onto the Originals sessions when you feel ready, whether that's 1 week or 12 months.


Our sessions are always mixed ability, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your fitness levels or pace. You won't be at the back & you won't be at the front, everyone is mixed in together as a team. We also have weekly circuits sessions, involving a mixture of body weight & equipment related exercises to develop core, hip, knee & overall strength for runners. We're regularly running social activities outside of the sessions too, so you'll get to know the excellent CRC crew super fast.


CRC members enjoy membership discounts with a variety of local businesses, including local running shops. These member discounts are set to expand vastly into new areas of local products and services throughout 2020 too!

Joining Up

Joining up to the club is simple. Just head over to the 'Contact Us' page now and send us a message letting us know you're keen to join. After your first free session, you'll be sent over all the welcome info with everything you need to know about becoming a CRC Member. That's it!

Taking the first step is always the most difficult part. Rest assured that we have new members joining almost every week, plenty of members from all over the UK & other countries and we're super lucky to have an incredibly welcoming bunch of members who are all just as keen to meet new people and make new friends. Come say hello & join the fun!

CRC in Chamonix 2017 - What an awesome ski holiday with amazing people!
CRC looking & feeling epic after an evening session. All smiles!